Looking Ahead 

Glacier will continue to monitor progress and make continual improvements to accessibility for employees, and our customers.  Glacier will make information available in an accessible format or provide communication supports to people with disabilities in a way that considers their disability.  

Workplace Information

Glacier provides workplace information in an accessible formate upon request, and all employees will be asked if they require any accommodations.  Any employee with disabilities will be asked how we can accommodate their needs. 

Accommodations may include the following: 

  • Any information employees need to perform their jobs (e;g. job descriptions and manuals), 
  • general information that is available to all employees at work (e.g. company newsletters, bulletins about company policies and health and safety information. 

Our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

As part of the mandate to improve accessibility for our employees, our customers and our guests, we have developed a multi-year plan that lays out a roadmap to meet the obligation of AODA.  The primary goal is to develop a multi-year plan that lays out a plan to meet the obligations of AODA, incorporating existing and new initiatives into one accessibility strategy which includes legislative requirements, our plans to meet those requirements, and a status update.  

Hiring Practices 

All recruitment postings state that Glacier Maintenance Inc. values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer committed to providing employment accommodation in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. 

Employees, Customers, Visitors and Guests

Glacier will ensure employees, customers, visitors and vendors with documented disabilities, and who are requesting support, are provided accommodations to assist in the removal of barriers.  Glacier will put into place emergency procedures that consider accessibility.  All employees who require accessibility will be provided with a copy of this procedure. 

Feedback Process

Glacier will ensure that all feedback processes are made accessible to customers, employees and other visitors upon request. 

Glacier makes available a feedback/Suggestion Box and Feedback form located at our Reception area at 22 Massassaga Road, Belleville, Ontario and also at our head office located at 1122C Rednersville Road, Belleville, Ontario.     In addition, you can send feedback using our Contact us link above. 

New Construction

Glacier will ensure any new construction has the appropriate accessibility features.  New construction will consider accessible washrooms and offices configured for wheelchairs. 

Glacier Maintenance Inc's Accessibility Plan 


Glacier provides training for all its employees regarding Accessibility Standards as they pertain to individuals with disabilities.  Training is provided to all new employees and on an ongoing basis as changes to Glacier's accessibility policies occur. 

Glacier's Statement of Commitment 

Glacier is committed to ensuring equal access and participation for people with disabilities.  We are committed to treating people with disabilities in ways that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence.  We are committed to meeting the needs of people who face accessibility barriers.  We will do this by identifying, removing and preventing barriers and by meeting the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians Act. 

Customer Service Standard

Glacier will work to meet its obligation under AODA Customer Service Standard with a training module for all new employees.  The goal of our training is to grow awareness that we all play a role in ensuring an accessible learning and working environment.

Glacier's Policies 

1) Glacier will review all programs and services every year to ensure accessibility.

2) Glacier will update our  Multi-Year Accessibility Plan every five years. 

3) Glacier provides information in an accessible format or provides communication support to people with disabilities in a way that considers their disability.